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Learning Self Help Strategies

Developing Leadership Skills

Promoting Student Peer Support

Raising Mental Health Awareness

Improving Attendance and Engagement


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Quick Start Teacher On-Boarding

Kick off your school's Mental Health Champions journey with a personal, teacher on-boarding session that will help support and motivate your staff and ensure a successful start to the programme.

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Private Live Launch Zoom Session For Students

Get your students ready for their Mental Health Champion journey with a live, interactive and exclusive session led by One Goal Founder, Adam Eccleston.

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The Mental Health Champions Training Programme

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Mental Health Champions.


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Online Pupil Graduation Ceremony

Give your pupils the recognition they deserve and celebrate their success by attending an online graduation ceremony.

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Exclusive Invites to Termly and Annual Awards

Nominate your pupils for our highly coveted termly and annual Mental Health Champion Awards to win exclusive rewards

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What Schools are Saying!

The pupils have learned to be inspired to create ideas to support other pupils across the school.


Ivonhoe College


Pupils have learned to help out and be the eyes and ears for others who may be struggling with their wellbeing.


Brownedge St Mary


Pupils will be leading PUPIL wellbeing and will use what they have learned to understand other pupils and support them as well as promote mental health and wellbeing across school.


Halifax Academy


Pupils had a safe space to talk and have more were more open to supporting others as well as recognising the importance of showing empathy towards other.


Pioneer House High School


Strategies and techniques to release stress were shared. Pupils have more knowledge of what mental health is and what the common mental health issues are. They can utilise new strategies like EFT, when feeling stressed and anxious.


The Kings CE High School


Pupils now have more knowledge and Confidence about mental health. The training has empowered them to support others throughout school.


St Gregorys Catholic Science College


I have learned that you shouldn’t speak negatively towards yourself. I have also learned ways to use my breathing to calm myself down.


I have learned that everyone has mental health, different positive ways to overcome barriers and ways to help myself and others.


I have learned that mental health is extremely important and is a big part of your life. it affects how you think, feel and act.


Our pupils that have taken part in the workshop, will now have the knowledge and skills to help their fellow pupils with a range of mental health concerns that their peers may bring to them.


Ercall Wood Academy


The students have gained confidence in their knowledge of mental health, managing their own feelings and how to best support other students around school!


Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy


Our mental health champions now have the ability to support fellow students in maintaining positive, healthy mental health habbits!


Barnwell Upper School


Are You Ready to Empower Your Students?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the programme require from teachers and pupils?

The programme offers a high level of flexibility and can be adjusted to accommodate your school's schedule. You can allocate 1 hour per week to complete the programme within a full school term or complete at a slower pace by spreading the lessons out over a longer period.

How does the programme cater to pupils with different learning needs?

Our programme uses engaging, high-quality videos lessons, interactive activities, and downloadable resources to accommodate various learning styles. Teachers can also adapt the content and pace to suit their pupils' individual needs, ensuring an inclusive learning experience.

Can the programme be integrated into our existing PSHE curriculum?

Absolutely, the programme is designed to complement and enhance your current PSHE curriculum.

How does the programme help our school meet Ofsted requirements related to mental health
and wellbeing?

The programme adheres to the Department for Education's policy and guidelines on mental health and wellbeing education, which is in line with Ofsted expectations. By implementing the programme, your school demonstrates a proactive approach to promoting mental health and wellbeing, which supports a positive Ofsted evaluation in this area.

How do we measure the success and impact of the programme on our pupils?

The programme includes easy to use pupil assessments and module learning quizzes to check learning, progress and track improvements.

What kind of support do you provide for teachers implementing the programme?

We offer ongoing email, telephone, and Zoom customer support to assist teachers throughout the programme's implementation.

How does the programme address sensitive topics related to mental health?

The programme approaches sensitive topics with care and consideration, ensuring age-appropriate content and language. Teachers can also use their discretion to adapt the material and discussions to suit their pupils' specific needs and comfort levels.

Can we expect any updates or improvements to the programme in the future?

We continually strive to improve and update the programme based on feedback, research, and best practices. Schools participating in the programme can expect to receive updates and enhancements as they become available.

Are there any additional costs or hidden fees associated with the programme?

There are no hidden fees or additional costs associated with the programme.

Is the programme compatible with our school's existing technology and infrastructure?

The programme is cloud based and accessible with all modern devices and internet browsers.

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